Case Study – Trucking CDL-A Recruitment

Transforming the Lead Generation and SEO For the Client in Trucking Industry

Client Overview

Our client, CNB, a major player in the trucking recruitment industry, faced significant challenges in lead generation and digital marketing efficiency. With an annual budget of over $750,000 allocated for attracting both experienced and student drivers towards Google, they required a comprehensive strategy to optimize their marketing efforts and meet their monthly lead goals.


High Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The client was struggling with a high CPL of $31.55.

Fragmented Marketing Efforts

Their marketing strategies were too focused only on job boards and were missing out on algorithm based platforms.

Underutilized SEO Potential

Their website lacked a robust SEO strategy, affecting organic traffic and lead quality.

Knowledge Gaps

The client’s team needed better training on using advanced digital marketing platforms like Google Ads, DV360, and CM360.